• About Me


    In a previous chapter of my life, I worked in the corporate world helping large public organizations with implementing their software solutions. A husband, 2 children and a house arrived to shift things around. "Work-Life Balance" was a challenging game to play. The late nights, the commute, and the office politics put more pressure on my home life. And under the surface, it did not align with what my intuition was telling me: I needed a pivot.


    I quit and threw myself into my family, volunteer work, yoga and supporting small businesses in my community. During this time, I realized that being self-employed and working remotely was the only way I could have the flexibility and freedom that would suit my lifestyle. It also offered me the opportunity to create a unique sense of purpose in the work I do.



    I believe in good content that inspires, engages, invokes trust and ultimately converts. I have the privilege of supporting several clients from around the globe with their content needs and their business. Everyday I am grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing people who inspire me and whose vision I believe in.


    I’m an East Coast soul living the West Coast lifestyle. I adore urban excitement yet I seek to recharge in rural serenity. I practice yoga, I love being outside, I drink herbal tea and am working on eating less sugar.


    I also believe in following your curiosity and I aspire to live wholeheartedly each and every day.


    "Creative living is choosing the path of curiosity over the path of fear." Elizabeth Gilbert

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