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    What I can do for you


    Repurpose & Transform

    from CDN $75

    • Re-purpose existing content 
    • Create succinct content 

    Content to


    from CDN $500

    • Transform blog post to video
    • Text, images, video clips, voiceover



    from CDN $375

    • Content calendar management
    • Reporting & Analytics



    from CDN $250

    • Content Creation, Copywriting
    • Research & Curation
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    In case you need a bit more.

    Content to Explainer Video

    You can no longer avoid including video in your content strategy. And learning new skills and tools is out of the question for you. You have no time.


    I will create a video for you. Here are some examples of blog trailers I've created for clients:

    Content Repurpose & Transform

    You have a piece of content (Blog / Podcast / Video / E-Newsletter / Webinar.) Even though it's already been published, it still has additional mileage. You have a long blog, video or podcast that needs to be summarized into a succinct piece.


    I will transform your existing content to help you reach your audience in a new, fresh way:

    • a blog or podcast description to a succinct piece or social media posts
    • an opt-in: checklist, guide, or e-book

    Content Writing

    You have an idea for a topic, but you have no time to generate content for it. You have a message. Is it aligned with other like-minded businesses?


    I will research, curate, collect and write new content to boost your online presence.

    Content Management

    Content has a life of it's own. It needs guidance and nurturing. You need assistance with managing your content calendar.


    I will relieve you of this overwhelm and manage the process for you. I will manage your editorial calendar system, do some reporting and analytics for you too.

    Other Content Marketing Support Services

    I also provide services such as

    • Email Marketing
    • Blog Management
    • Content Management
    Please connect with me if you want to know more.
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